a note i received from a friend last night 

most of the times, we go about life doing good…but we don’t know if we’re effective or not with it. we do good at our job, good with our friends and family, good with others, good for god. but sometimes, sometimes, you get to clearly see that others are watching, taking note, and you do affect them in positive ways. i got the opportunity to see that last night when a friend, out of the blue, messaged me on facebook. this was her message (she said i could copy/paste):

I’m defending my dissertation tomorrow, and I’ve cried all day today from absolute fear. I went to church and heard this (by heard I mean remembered) that you gave me by posting on Facebook. It has sustained me so many times in the last two years as has your daily faithful presence. The verse is “The Lord shall fight for you and you shall keep your peace.” Exodus 14:14. You keep going toward your goal–I root for you (even though you may not see it on Facebook) every time you give a diss update. Thanks for being Shonell, Shonell.

needless to say, it jolted me into an array of emotions, all good. i always hope what i do or what i say might help, but i never really know. This confirmed for me that what i do matters. That I Matter.