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  • iseegoodthings 1:56 AM on August 14, 2013 Permalink
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    Great GOOD THINGS Story! 

    This story really made me smile: “‘Homeless to Howard’ Teen James Ward Crowdfunds His Way to College, Realizes a Dream.”

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    here’s a good thing… 

    …but it starts in a sad thing.

    yesterday, i told my mom, “you know, i feel like i’ve let everyone down. i feel like there were expectations of me in the past that haven’t come to pass, and now people just see me as a loser.”

    her initial response? WHAT!!?!?!?!?!?

    nearly blew my ear drum.

    i explained further, talking about the dreams i had years ago and how many of them had yet to come to pass and those dreams weren’t just forย me but for what i would be able to do for my family. i’m a big family person, and it matters to me that i can be there for them.

    my mom wouldn’t hear any of this. “no one thinks you’re a disappointment. you haven’t let anyone down. you are not a loser. you do more than anyone i know. hell, i think you do too damn much most of the time. just wait, nellie. just keep moving and going and doing because your dreams will still come true.”

    just those words over my phone warmed my sad, cold heart and made me believe maybe the dreams still have a chance of coming true.

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    surprisingly enough i am still making it in… 

    surprisingly enough, i am still making it in the 30-day arm challenge. just X’d out day 12. 18 more to go. if i made it this far, i’ll make it the rest of the way. wish me luck.

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    Landfill Harmonic Orchestra 

    Not much to say here. More like it needs to be EXPERIENCED. SO glad a friend showed this to me over the weekend. Check out video, and then learn more about the LHO at Facebook, Twitter,ย The Creative Visions Foundation, and the movie site!

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    Day 2 of 30-Day Arm Challenge Completed… 

    …this is a very good thing.

    also got in a mile walk with my mom. proud of her. she just finished a 12-hour shift at the hospital, so i know she was tired, but we got the mile in at under 18.5 minutes.


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    4 weeks in 17.2 pounds lost that is… 

    4 weeks in, 17.2 pounds lost. that is all.

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    last night’s blood sugar reading was 100 lowest… 

    last night’s blood sugar reading was 100. lowest it’s been. to say i was happy is an understatement. ๐Ÿ˜€

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    last few days it’s been hard to find… 

    last few days, it’s been hard to find a good thing to mention, but today, i managed to muster up one or two things. went to doctor, and my blood pressure was good. sugar level, we have to wait ’til results come back, but i believe they will be lower than the levels three weeks ago. on top of that, in the last three weeks, i’ve lost 14.4 pounds, so i must be doing something right. proud of self.

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    i have a cough that is truly outrageous… 

    i have a cough that is truly outrageous. since 4th of july, i’ve been sick. that’s NOT a good thing. what IS a good thing? i’m keeping my spirits up. still eating and exercising right, still supporting creative people i enjoy, and still trying to keep my sanity. that’s a good thing, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Sweet baby Jesus Just got in from my… 

    Sweet baby Jesus. Just got in from my walk with mi madre. Great walk. Went further, walked harder.

    Did give Madre the side eye when she said, “Hey, wanna run this strip of the road?” I stopped, put hands on hips, bent over, and howled in laughter before stopping and saying, “No.” I told her, however, that she should run, and she did.

    With her little self, her running is my power walk, so I just power walked right past her, leaving her saying, “With your tall ass self, your walk mows me over.”

    My tall ass self? I’m 5′ 5.5″. Yes, I claim that half proudly. LOL

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