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  • iseegoodthings 1:56 AM on August 14, 2013 Permalink
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    Great GOOD THINGS Story! 

    This story really made me smile: “‘Homeless to Howard’ Teen James Ward Crowdfunds His Way to College, Realizes a Dream.”

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    here’s a good thing… 

    …but it starts in a sad thing.

    yesterday, i told my mom, “you know, i feel like i’ve let everyone down. i feel like there were expectations of me in the past that haven’t come to pass, and now people just see me as a loser.”

    her initial response? WHAT!!?!?!?!?!?

    nearly blew my ear drum.

    i explained further, talking about the dreams i had years ago and how many of them had yet to come to pass and those dreams weren’t just for me but for what i would be able to do for my family. i’m a big family person, and it matters to me that i can be there for them.

    my mom wouldn’t hear any of this. “no one thinks you’re a disappointment. you haven’t let anyone down. you are not a loser. you do more than anyone i know. hell, i think you do too damn much most of the time. just wait, nellie. just keep moving and going and doing because your dreams will still come true.”

    just those words over my phone warmed my sad, cold heart and made me believe maybe the dreams still have a chance of coming true.

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    This Right Here! It WILL be your GOOD THING of the Night 

    Just watched this video titled “MOTHER KILLS PIANO,” and I promise you that you will watch it and gets SO amped. I want to be half as jazzy-cool as she is NOW. LOL

    Not only is Mama Hot Fingers (that’s what I call her) the truth on that piano, but her cool air just gets me so WHOO! Watch HERE and enjoy!


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    GOOD News 

    Because don’t we all need good news in our lives? Saw this little story, and it made me smile. Check it out: Woman Recovers Savings from Discarded Refrigerator.

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    had a major blessing fall upon me saturday.

    one of those “he makes a way out of no way.”

    there was no way. absolutely none. my human brain could not, in my lifetime, figure out how a way could be made.

    yet he made one. and used a wonderful couple to bestow that blessing, too.

    i’m thankful, grateful, and blessed.

    keeping this one in my pocket for safe-keeping to remember that he’s always there and helping me on my way. —

  • iseegoodthings 2:20 AM on July 19, 2013 Permalink
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    This story right here has brightened my days… 

    This story right here has brightened my days recently: Pennsylvania teens chase down kidnapper’s car on their BIKES and save five-year-old girl

    LOVE this. We should see more positive stories like this.

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    blessed and thankful for a mom that gets… 

    blessed and thankful for a mom that gets off her 12-hour shift, still in scrubs, and goes walking with me in the a.m.

  • iseegoodthings 10:09 PM on June 28, 2013 Permalink
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    blessings fall this week… 

    This week, looking back, has been great. It started rough learning that I have diabetes, but every day since, I’ve been hopeful in ALL areas of my life. Receiving wonderful compliments on the work I do and just who I am as a person has helped to fortify me and confirm for me that I am blessed and that things WILL GET DONE.

    • Dani 10:18 PM on June 28, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Oh my. How did I miss this? It will be a challenge, my friend, but in many ways this is an opportunity to get really healthy through diet and exercise. My mother has managed my Dad’s diabetes for ten years through diet, and cracking the exercise whip. 😉 Dad has never had to medicate as a result, and his weight is better than when he was 30. And his doctors are amazed! This can be a gift in disguise if you look at it from a certain angle. You can handle this – you’ve accomplished so much more already. 🙂

      • iseegoodthings 10:23 PM on June 28, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks, Dani! You know, I did a roundabout mentioning of diabetes on FB instead of making it a major announcement. I actually feel OK right now, like this moment right here is the wake-up call for me to get my butt in gear and take care of me fully. I’m ready for the challenge, and am now bulking up on good vibes for the road ahead. 😀

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    a note i received from a friend last night 

    most of the times, we go about life doing good…but we don’t know if we’re effective or not with it. we do good at our job, good with our friends and family, good with others, good for god. but sometimes, sometimes, you get to clearly see that others are watching, taking note, and you do affect them in positive ways. i got the opportunity to see that last night when a friend, out of the blue, messaged me on facebook. this was her message (she said i could copy/paste):

    I’m defending my dissertation tomorrow, and I’ve cried all day today from absolute fear. I went to church and heard this (by heard I mean remembered) that you gave me by posting on Facebook. It has sustained me so many times in the last two years as has your daily faithful presence. The verse is “The Lord shall fight for you and you shall keep your peace.” Exodus 14:14. You keep going toward your goal–I root for you (even though you may not see it on Facebook) every time you give a diss update. Thanks for being Shonell, Shonell.

    needless to say, it jolted me into an array of emotions, all good. i always hope what i do or what i say might help, but i never really know. This confirmed for me that what i do matters. That I Matter.

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    i matter 

    you never know if your good work is good. you just keep trying to be you, doing good for god and for others, and moving forward. it does warm the heart when on occasion you learn that what you say and what you do touches others. just got a wonderful message that has me feeling overwhelmingly blessed and tearful.

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